I was interviewed and photographed yesterday by Christopher Johnson for his book A Better Life on the joy and meaning of life for 100 atheists. I had a tough start to the day: I basically left the house without my skirt on (don’t ask) and locked myself out. Of course anyone who has a 7 year old who needs to be told 50 times to leave for school will understand how this is remotely possible… I’m surprised I made any sense…

I want to shout out I have left Islam from every rooftop!



  1. ‘I basically left the house without my skirt on (don’t ask) and locked myself out’. You see that would make me anxious all day afterward.

    For me, even though atheism is only about a lack of belief in god/s, shouting it out – or being able to – is about the victory of reason over insanity.

  2. The trouble with labels, any label, is that they do not tell you anything about a person. I’ve talked to several atheists and each one has described what they believe and do not believe in very different ways. People are way too complex for labels. Our actions are really what define us in the end.

    1. Agreed, your comment reminds me of a line in Jung Chang’s Wild Swans, which describes her family’s experience throughout China’s twentieth century: The Cultural Revolution had taught me not to divide people by their beliefs, but by whether they were capable of cruelty and viciousness or not.

  3. Been there, done that..
    There is nothing wrong with Atheism except that it puts those who believe in fairy tales on a rather difficult spot..I believe that one should be able to believe or not believe but that those beliefs should NOT be imposed on others and that is what is happening in the World of organized religion which is a very big business..Heresy and blasphemy do not exist! They are just tools for religious imperialism. As human animals, we have a very short history on this little Planet and organized religion and monotheism are fairly new concepts in our human animal history. Animals are Atheists and do not engage in massive genocides like we have..So much for being the creation of a super intelligence.LOL Organized religion is the best marketing ploy ever invented by men!
    I am a proud Atheist and I am free of any pre-digested ideas and principles, constantly working on becoming a better human animal!

  4. It’s not shouting it from the rooftops but perhaps you could get an “Atheist & proud” badge and wear it on your bag where everyone can see it.
    I’ve got a “This is what a feminist looks like” badge on my bag. 🙂

  5. The fact that you made the interview shows you are doing well with your seven year old. With my seven year old son, important events have often been… re-scheduled, when possible. Keep up the great political work!! I admire and share your commitments to Marxism and atheism. Sincerely, Jeff Booth

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