Young members of the Worker-communist Party of Iran who live in Iran have joined the scream! Since they would be executed for this act, their faces are covered with slogans saying ‘Long Live Women’s Freedom’, ‘No to Hejab’, ‘No to Islamic Rule’, ‘No to Gender Discrimination’ and ‘No to Islamic Reaction’. They have printed the calendar and pasted it behind them. This photo has made my day.




  1. Best Comment

    Ms. Namazie is nothing more than a Zionist shill and a crypto-Jew. Her agenda has always been one of promoting degenerate Western filth to innocent Iranians. These expatriated Persians are dogs. For such a secular humanist and “devout” anti-theist, I’m not surprised this Kike Jewgold peddler did not make any mention of the disgusting holiday of Purim where Jewish rats celebrate their murder of 75,000 innocent Persian women and children.

    Fuck Islam, fuck Arabs, and fuck the Islamic Republic but keep your Western filth out of our motherland you filthy witch.

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