The Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar and its corresponding video have received extensive media coverage. Here are some of them:

Naakte feministen zenden schokgolf door Midden-Oosten, Trouw, 22 February 2013 [external link]

Nagie kobiety-rewolucjonistki w kalendarzu. “Dlaczego? Bo możemy!”, SwiatOBrazu, 13 February 2013 [external link]

Pierwszy Światowy Dzień Hidżabu, Maryam Namazie quoted on World Hijab Day, onet.posts, 1 February 2013 [external link]

Hijab for a day, BBC News, 31 January 2013 [External link]

Elle veut exclure des JO les pays qui voilent leurs femmes, Rue89, 24 July 2012 [external link]

FEMEN провели в Парижі акцію «Аллах створив мене голою!», ZN, UA, 31 March 2012 [external link]

Topless Revolution is here, Global Post, 30 March 2012 [external link]

Donne contro. Anima e corpo, La Regione, 30 March 2012 [external link]

La rivoluzione e nuda, Il Fatto Quotidiano , 29 March 2012 [external link]

Idiocy or revolutionary: In defence of nude protest, Maryam Namazie, Scoop, 27 March 2012 [external link]

Talking with Maryam Namazie: Stripping for Iran, NOW Lebanon, 26 March 2012 [external link]
تقویم انقلابیون برهنه

In French

Nude per la rivoluzione, Ilgiornale, 20 March 2012 [external link]

Naked, nuda, dènudé, 裸,nackten – in tutte le lingue del mondo per la liberta’ delle donne, Pink DNA, 20 March 2012 [external link]

Des féministes posent nues pour soutenir la liberté des femmes, Gentside, 16 March 2012 [external link]

Iranian women pose topless for those who can’t, Forbes, 14 March 2012 [external link]

Tutte nude nel nome di Aliaa, l’Espresso, 13 March 2012 [external link]

Exiled Iranian women strip for protest video, Mumbai Mirror, 10 March 2012 [external link]

Mideast women’s rights movement comes into focus, Jewish News1, 10 March 2012 [external link]

İranlı kadınlardan çıplak protesto, Radikal, 10 March 2012 [external link]

Naked ladies calendar sends an ‘up yours’ message to religious fundies, The Freethinker, 9 March 2012 [external link]

Nude Calendar protests Muslim oppression of women, Care2, 9 March 2012 [external link]

Freedom unveiled: Iranian women strip to slam repression, RT, 9 March 2012 [external link]

Iranianas gravam vídeo nuas em protesto contra opressão sexual, Terra Brasil, 9 March 2012 [external link]

Féminas pitean con calendario entero piluchito, La Cuarta, 9 March 2012 [external link]

Iranerinnen demonstrieren nackt gegen Unterdrückung, Bild, 9 March 2012 [external link]

Des feministe posent nues pour un calendrier, 20 minutes online, 9 March 2012 [external link]

Mujeres iraníes se desnudan en protesta contra la oppression, Terra Chile, 9 March 2012 [external link]

Aktivis Perempuan Iran Beraksi Tanpa Busana, Inilah, 9 March 2012 [external link]

Aktivistice se skinule do gola za calendar, Vijesti, 8 March 2012 [external link]

8 marzo: donne su Twitter, tra impegno sociale e politica, Panorama, 8 March 2012 [external link]

Aliaa ElmahdyDes féministes posent nues en hommage à Aliaa Elmahdy, Le Monde, 8 March 2012 [external link]

Iranian women undress to protest their role as second class citizens, France24, 8 March 2012 [external link]

Nackt, mutig, selbstbestimmt: Der Körper als Waffe, Spiegel Online, 8 March 2012 [external link]

Il nudo rivoluzionario delle donne arabe, Italian AgoraVox, 8 March 2012 [external link]

‘My body, my choice’: Exiled Iranian women pose nude for video in protest against sexual oppression in their native country, Daily Mail, 8 March 2012 [external link]

Iranian Women go naked to oppose repression, NOW Lebanon, 8 March 2012 [external link]

Nues pour la revolution, Liberation, 8 March 2012 [external link]

Iranian Activist Likens Nude Revolutionary Calendar to Topless Tabloid, IBTimes UK, 8 March 2012 [external link]

Iranske kvinner kaster klærne, Norwegian NK, 8 March 2012 [external link]

Egypte – Le calendrier nu des féministes du monde entire, SlateAfrique, 8 March 2012 [external link]

Calendarul care le-ar fi putut aduce condamnarea la moarte. Un grup de iranience au pozat nud, Adevaril, 8 March 2012 [external link]

Phụ nữ Iran ngực trần phản đối Đạo Hồi hà khắc, Xaluan, 8 March 2012 [external link]

International Women’s Day 2012: Nude Calendar Tribute to Blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, IBTimes UK, 7 March 2012 [external link]

Topless Iranian women say no to political Islam, Digital Journal, 7 March 2012 [external link]

International Women’s Day 2012: The Nude Revolutionary Calendar, International Business Times, 7 March 2012 [external link]




  1. I don’t understand why are they yelling “sexual discrimination in Islam” … When a Muslim women wears Hijab its Oppression/Discrimination and When a Nun wears similar dress, she is Pious. A christian women doesn’t have “Rights” in her Parents property if a male child is present. Whereas Islam gives right to women for the property. Yet these So called self styled “Revolutionist-as” yell its discrimination ….

    Holy Qur’an says : “Every Soul shall taste Death ” (Quran : 3:185)

    For Sure they will meet him and be rewarded for they sowed, For God said, its not HIM that’s unjust to mankind, but mankind itself is unjust to HIM …

    think once in your lifetime, R U Doing it right ?

    1. What?????? that a christian woman doesn’t have rights in her parents property when a male child is present???? ABSOLUTELY FALSE!!!! and the nuns wear covered dress (not like hijab) as a catholic priest wears covered dress too…..

      My congratulations to all those nude women in the calendar against the stupid sexual discrimination….. I feel indignated when I see those poor women covered like gosths and treated like animals…… the message I receive from those pictures is that Islam hates women.

        1. what do you know about islam????????where were your human rights and speeches when millions of muslims were killed in chechenia,bosnia ,syria,egypt,palestine,cyprus,and nowadays in arakhan(bangladesh border)?where are the human rights??????????which one is worse?????to wear a hairscarf forcefully,or to kill people because of their religion??????????illuminatids dogs…………….

  2. I was quite disappointed (though not really surprised) that the Daily Mail censored the video. Doing so undermines the message of this campaign by reinforcing the idea that women’s bodies are shameful and need to be covered up (or blurred out).

  3. Great to see such coverage!!!

    Less so from the Daily Mail though. Then again…

    Maybe their readers will come here, read the blog archives, and finally be able to distinguish between Islam and Islamism and Muslims from Islamists. It could prove to be educational for them too.

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